kenan hansen

 KENAN HANSEN: Kenan Hansen is a Mindfulness Instructor and an authorized clinical psychologist. Kenan has many years of meditation practice behind him. He is primarily trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the United States. He was taught by the recognized Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn (MBSR), Prof. Jean Kristeller (Mindful Eating) and Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen). Moreover, he has attended many courses / retreats both in Denmark and abroad – including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in Denmark, Shambhala Meditation Center in France and Vipassana International Academy in India.

Kenan believes Mindfulness is the key to various kinds of challenges we encounter in life. That is the main reason he combines his therapies with Mindfulness. He gives lectures and organises courses and workshops with the goal of making Mindfulness available for everyone and showing that it is adaptable for every life situation. 


ESEN S. HANSEN: Esen is a Mindfulness instructor, international speaker, certified NLP practitioner and course leader in the areas of Mindfulness, consciousness and spirituality. She has been practicing meditation for many years and has travelled to many different countries attending retreats and workshops of respected spiritual teachers in Denmark and abroad. She attended the MBSR Teacher Training Pathway at the University of the Massachusetts Medical School and was trained by respected teachers of the University such as Saki Santerolli, Florance Meleo-Meyer, Elana Rosenbaum. She has been organising international conferences and workshops since 1998. She is the founder of Conscious Life Works ( where she teaches, organises spiritual events, retreats and makes informative interviews with pioneer names in the field. She organises and teaches Mindfulness and MBSR for institutions, firms, schools and groups. It is also possible to book individual training with her.


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