Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that websites store on the user’s computer in order to recognize the computer. Cookies can be used, among other things, to compile statistics on users’ use of the website.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information on the user’s computer, spread computer viruses or other malicious programs.

What do we use Google Analytics cookies for?

We use cookies to collect information about:

How often you visit the website
You come to the website from a link or a search
How long you are on the website per visit
What pages on the website have you visited
Which browser type and version you use
What screen resolution you have
Which devices you use to view the website, eg PC or smartphone
Which region or city you are in
How many clicks our SEO optimization generates
No personal information is stored. Your session (visit) to the website will only be registered with a consecutive number in the system.

The purpose of the use of cookies is that we would like to make our website more user-friendly and correct any inconveniences. Therefore, we encourage you to accept the cookies our website uses so that we can improve your and other users’ experience of the site.

How to delete cookies and reject them in the future

We hope you will allow the cookies we set as they help us improve the website.

However, if you do not wish to receive cookies from this website, you must, under Internet settings in your browser, select advanced cookie settings and add this domain to the list of websites from which you want to block cookies.

How do you remove or avoid cookies?

Your browser depends on how you delete or prevent cookies from being placed on your IT equipment.

If you are using a regular PC, you can delete cookies by using the [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [Delete] hotkeys

If it doesn’t work, or you use a MAC, for example, depending on which browser you are using, follow these steps:

To delete cookies, go to Tools -> Settings -> Privacy -> clear individual cookies or clear your history.

To block cookies, go to Tools -> Settings -> Privacy -> in the history drop-down menu, select “use custom history settings” -> check “Always use private Browsing mode” and uncheck “Accept cookies from pages ”.

Internet Explorer
To delete cookies, go to Tools -> Internet Settings -> General tab -> Press the Delete -> Cookies-> Delete button.

To block cookies, go to Features -> Internet Settings -> Privacy -> Take the slider and snatch it to the top. Then you block all cookies. -> Click OK.

Google Chrome
To delete cookies, press the tool button -> Tools -> Delete Browsing Data -> Delete Cookies and Other Website Data -> Clear Browsing Data.

To block cookies, press the tool button -> Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Content settings -> Click “Always block websites to store data” and check “Block third-party cookies and website data” -> Ok

To delete cookies, press the tool button -> Settings -> Security -> Press the “Show cookies” button. Here you can either delete cookies from a single domain or remove all cookies.

To block cookies, press the tool button -> Settings -> Security -> Under “Accept cookies”, select “never”.