Frequently Asked Questions


What happens on a 1-day course?

Our courses aim to have a balance between theory and practice. For this reason, participants are introduced to different kinds of mindfulness meditation exercises along with practical information about handling stress and difficult emotions, and useful methods to bring awareness to our everyday life that help us change our reactions to responds. Some of the meditation exercises are accompanied with easy and gentle mindful movements. There are also opportunities for pair work, group discussions and asking questions to the techer. All participants receive audio files of the meditation exercises in order to continue their practice after the course.

Is there an age limit to practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is for anyone and everyone regardless of age and experience. There are different kinds of Mindfulness courses designed for children, young people and adults. Our courses are suitable for adults and mature 15- to 17-year old young people, if accompanied by an adult.


Do I have to sit on the floor all the time during the course?

No, you don’t. We sit on chairs most of the time in our 1-day courses. Some of the exercises are done moving and lying down. You are free to sit on the floor or in the chair, when you want to.


What should I wear?

You do not need any special clothing for the course, however we recommend that you have comfortable clothes on.


Do I need to prepare for the course before I come?

No. There are no pre-requirements for the course.


Do you teach Buddhism in Mindfulness?

Meditation and mindfulness are a great part of Buddhism and they are also found in many other cultures and traditions. However, our courses in Mindfulness offer a non-religious programme and the teaching is done in a modern fashion.


I prefer training on my own rather than with others. Can I get individual training?

Yes, it is possible to get individual training, which is designed upon your needs that suit your schedule. Please contact us so we can discuss more about the details.


Can I get a refund if I cannot make the class or change my mind?

Please remember that participating in the courses are binding as we are obliged to make arrangements for the course which are also binding for us.