Mindfulness in the Workplace

Stress is one of the biggest health risks in modern workplaces, therefor stress management is essential for both managers and employees when it comes to running a successful business.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Workshops for Employees

Stress can be inevitable and used as a motive force while dealing with difficult work situations. However if one is exposed to it over a long period of time, stress levels increase and this can affect health negatively. The concequences most commonly expose themselves as psychological problems which lead to reducing employee well-being and motivation through increased absenteeism and business efficiency.

Mindfulness-based practices are scientifically proven and highly effective tools for reducing stress. Studies on Mindfulness has shown that it is extremely effective both in prevention and treatment of stress. Mindfulness-Based Stress Course consists of exercises to train awareness, enabling to become better at identifying disfunctional thoughts, emotional, physical and behavioral stressors. Such an attitude empowers the participants to be better able to handle stressful situations and consider the planning and execution of tasks in a clear-headed way at the workplace.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Workshops for Leaders

Today, executives are expected to perform fast and effectively in a global envorinment that moves and changes at lightning speed. In order to adapt and be flexible in this framework, one must be constantly “moving” and thinking innovatively. These skills can be trained through a Mindfulness Stress course to achieve a greater sense of excellence, openness and balance. Mindfulness can help leaders to communicate more clearly, improve their decision making and enchance creativity.

All executives undertake a lot of responsibility at work, and at times, this might be experienced as heavy pressure. When such concerns build up, it becomes more difficult to stop the stressful thoughts and inner conversation, which finally bring the body into a state of constant alert. When a person is exposed to this state of stress for a long period of time, the consequences may include cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression. All the unwanted effects of stress can be managed and prevented through Mindfulness-Based Stress Workshops.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Workshops for Leaders can be designed for groups or on one-on-one basis upon request.

Benefits of Mindfulness at Workplace:

When Mindfulness is practiced at the workplace, employees observe that they

* become more adaptable and flexible in demanding environments

* balance the challenging feelings and respond to difficult situations rather than react

* open up to new ways of listening, interacting, leading and innovating

* increase effectiveness and decrease burnout

* feel more connected with the moment and cultivate attention and awareness

* reach out to higher capacity and many more

Participants of “Mindfulness at Workplace” become able to identify the symptoms of the arising stress at the very beginning and use Mindfulness to manage the negative effects. The great advantage about Mindfulness is that its techniques are simple yet highly effective and they can be applied by anyone alone after being taught.


Sessions can be held in English or in Danish.



Workshops can be held either at the company premises or at Skøjtevej 27E, 2770 Kastrup (400 m. from Kastrup metro station).

To book a workshop and for further information, please fill out the contact form. (Note that VAT applies to companies).