Mindfulness Lectures

Apart from Mindfulness workshops and courses for individuals, groups, companies and institutions, we also give lectures about Mindfulness.

Universities, hospitals, schools, non-profit organisations, unions, associations, other private and social communities are some of our clients that our Mindfulness lectures take place.

A typical Mindfulness lecture consists of short history, information and background about the development of Mindfulness as well as its main principles and techniques. However, it is possible to design our lectures upon our clients’ specific demands.

Grasping the idea of Mindfulness on an intellectual level is not sufficient; therefore we believe understanding Mindfulness requires practice. For this reason, all of our lectures also include a short practice of how Mindfulness can be used in our lives to which the audience can participate.


Lectures can be held in English or in Danish.


Photos from the Mindfulness Lecture for psychology students at the University of Copenhagen


Photos from the Mindfulness Lecture at Daninfo Messer